Celebrating TR High School Graduates


Richard "Dick" Rollins, Ph.D., Three Rivers High School Class of 1964 was an historian, scholar, and friend to many. Dick completed his undergraduate in American History at Michigan State University. He went on to complete his Ph.D. in American History. He authored and co-authored many books, most on the American Civil War. His most famous work became the definitive study of the life of Noah Webster, the American lexicographer. Dick's work challenged the existing understanding of Webster and altered historians' view by exploring the conflict of Webster's idealism and the burden of religion in society, academics and the state. Dick [...]

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Scholarship Program For All Three Rivers High School Graduates Announced


The Three Rivers Promise (TRP) Board announces a public campaign to fund an endowment to support graduates of Three Rivers High School in furthering their education. The goal of the Promise is to provide every graduate of Three Rivers High School with a scholarship toward tuition and mandatory fees for post-secondary education at Michigan public colleges and vocational schools. Making the Promise happen is a community-wide effort by the people and friends of the Three Rivers area to ensure that our young people are able to pursue advanced learning after high school. TRP is volunteer-driven and organized to establish [...]

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