What is the Three Rivers Promise?2020-08-27T17:25:59-04:00

Three Rivers Promise is a post-secondary scholarship program that provides financial assistance to graduates of Three Rivers Community Schools. Funds are awarded for tuition and fees. This award can be claimed only by those meeting the qualification requirements published by the Three Rivers Promise and attending TRP-approved schools and programs in the state of Michigan.

Who is eligible for Three Rivers Promise?2020-08-27T17:27:38-04:00

Eligible are graduates of TRHS who have attended at least four years at TRHS and who are admitted to a qualified post-secondary college, trade, or certificate program. TRCS-granted GED graduates may be eligible. Eligibility extends for ten years after graduation from TRHS; exceptions may be granted for military service.

How is Three Rivers Promise funded?2020-02-27T15:16:39-05:00

Three Rivers Promise was founded and organized by local citizens. It is a 501.C.3 non-profit corporation funded entirely by donations.

Why offer Three Rivers Promise to graduates of Three Rivers Community Schools?2020-10-29T18:28:30-04:00
  1. Post-secondary education is an important key to personal, financial, social, and civic well-being. It has become prohibitively expensive for most families.
  2. TRP builds strong ties between TRCS and the surrounding community and improves the quality of life for residents.
  3. TRP provides real, meaningful, and tangible opportunities for all students.
What will the Three Rivers Promise do?2020-02-27T13:18:38-05:00

TRP seeks to strengthen the Three Rivers community by making a long-term investment in education, which will expand access to further education and training. This opportunity will contribute to the culture of the community, build a highly skilled workforce, and enhance local economic development.

What does the scholarship cover?2020-02-27T13:20:15-05:00

TRP funds can be applied only towards tuition and mandatory fees. Application fees are not covered.

Why is the scholarship based on a sliding scale?2020-09-17T12:47:38-04:00

Three Rivers Promise is designed to provide maximum benefit to long-term Three Rivers Community Schools attendees. The desired outcome is to encourage families to make an early decision to enroll their children in TRCS, and maintain that enrollment through graduation. As seen in the chart below, a student must attend all four years at Three Rivers High School to receive any portion of the scholarship.

Grades Attended Benefit
K-12 100%
1-12 95%
2-12 95%
3-12 95%
4-12 90%
5-12 85%
6-12 80%
7-12 75%
8-12 70%
9-12 65%
10-12 None
11-12 None
12-12 None

How is attendance calculated if a student leaves Three Rivers Community Schools and later returns?2020-08-27T17:38:32-04:00

Attendance is calculated by adding all full-and-completed school years attended in the TRCS district in addition to the four required high school years. Special circumstances can be appealed.

How long will Three Rivers Promise funds last?2020-02-27T13:26:41-05:00

Our goal is to grow and maintain an endowment that will fund TRP scholarships in perpetuity.

What is the initial application process for the Three Rivers Promise?2020-02-27T13:30:41-05:00

Students are encouraged to apply as early as the fall of their senior year beginning September 1. Applications are available online and can be submitted via the TRP website. Hard copy applications are available at the TR High School Guidance Office and may be mailed to TRP, PO Box 405, Three Rivers, MI 49093.

What are the deadlines for the initial application?2021-01-28T22:09:49-05:00

Each year there are four deadlines, depending on when a student plans to begin post-secondary education, usually the fall after high school graduation.

To receive TRP funds for the first time, the application is due:

First Semester of Post-Secondary Program Deadline
Fall Term No later than June 1, year of high school graduation
Winter Term No later than September 1
Spring Term No later than December 1
Summer Term No later than April 1

Please keep in mind these are the FINAL deadlines. Early Application IS ENCOURAGED and will be accepted after September 1 of the senior year.

What are the requirements to maintain the TRP scholarship after the first semester of post-secondary education?2020-02-27T13:36:46-05:00

FOR STUDENTS WHO MEET THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS, the TRP scholarship can be automatically renewed:

a. Remain continuously enrolled as a full-time student with a minimum of 24 credit hours per year or equivalent.

b. Provide TRP with an official transcript as soon as it is available after each semester is completed.

c. Maintain a 2.0 grade point average at the post-secondary institution.

What happens if I fail to maintain a 2.0 grade point average?2020-02-27T15:19:31-05:00

If a student falls below the 2.0 in a post-secondary institution, they are considered to be on probation. They are given a chance to bring up their grades without losing the scholarship.

a. If they earn a 2.0 or better in their next term (not cumulative), the award continues.

b. If the grade point again falls below 2.0 GPA, the award is terminated, and the student must pay for the next term. If the student again earns a 2.0 for that term, the scholarship will be reinstated from that point. This process can be repeated.

c. Students are reminded of the ten-year, 130 credit hour limit.

How long may a student have access to Three Rivers Promise funds?2020-02-27T15:21:03-05:00

The TRP scholarship program provides funds for tuition and mandatory fees for undergraduate, post-secondary education. The student is encouraged to be a full-time student, typically taking at least 12 credit hours per semester to meet the 24-hour annual requirement. TRP will only fund a student’s post-secondary education through the tenth year after their high school graduation. Exceptions to this requirement are granted for military service.

Is the FAFSA form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) required?2020-02-27T15:23:08-05:00

Yes. FAFSA is required for nearly all scholarship and financial aid opportunities. If parents and students need assistance for filling out the FAFSA, there are several options offered throughout the school year. (Because tax records may now be available to parents through the FAFSA online, the process is considerably less time consuming than in the past.)

What are considered to be mandatory fees?2020-02-27T15:23:51-05:00

Mandatory fees are those required to be paid by students attending a particular college, community college, or trade/technical school or program. Each post-secondary institution determines which of its fees are mandatory.

Can the scholarship be used at for-profit schools, training programs, or vocational schools?2020-02-27T15:25:07-05:00

All certificate or degree programs in the trades at state-supported community colleges are qualified and eligible. Private apprentice programs and for-profit programs may not be eligible; the appeals process is available to individuals.

Is part-time college registration/attendance eligible for Three Rivers Promise?2020-02-27T15:26:00-05:00

Some students’ circumstances do not allow full-time attendance. Students must submit an appeal in order to be considered for part-time eligibility.

Are application fees covered?2020-02-27T15:32:02-05:00

No. Many institutions, however, will waive the application fee, if requested, based on financial hardship.

Is study abroad covered?2020-02-27T15:32:10-05:00

Studying abroad is covered only if the Study Abroad program is administered by the Michigan college or university the student attends. The only costs which are covered are the normal tuition/fees for the credits taken in the Study Abroad program. No extraordinary tuition or expenses are covered.

Are summer school classes covered?2020-02-27T15:32:33-05:00

Summer classes will be covered as long as the class applies toward the degree or certification program in which the student is enrolled, is taken at an approved entity, and can be credited to their program.

Are home school students eligible for Three Rivers Promise?2020-02-27T15:34:34-05:00

No. Three Rivers Promise is a post-secondary education scholarship program that provides financial assistance to graduates of Three Rivers Community Schools.

Do remedial classes qualify for Three Rivers Promise?2020-02-27T15:32:49-05:00

Yes, as long as the student has met the required grade point and the school requires the remedial coursework. The four years, 130-hour credit limit or its equivalent, still apply.

What are the eligible Michigan institutions and programs covered by the Three Rivers Promise?2021-11-03T13:37:42-04:00

A list of approved programs and institutions, subject to change, can be found here. If a student wishes to use TRP funds at an institution not on the list, an appeal can be made. Each case will be decided on its own merit.

Can the scholarship be deferred? If so, for how long?2020-02-27T15:33:18-05:00

Yes. Applicants are eligible to apply for and use TRP until ten years after their high school graduation. Exceptions will be granted for military service.

If I attend TRCS and transfer out of the system prior to graduation, will I still be eligible for TRP?2020-02-27T15:52:43-05:00


If the TRP award is not needed due to other academic scholarships, can the TRP funds be applied to room and board fees?2020-02-27T15:48:04-05:00


Will I receive the TRP award if I have also received other scholarships?2020-02-27T15:40:20-05:00

Yes. The goal is to assure students receive the maximum amount of free financial aid for tuition. TRP provides four years of scholarship toward the cost of undergraduate credits at a post-secondary institution/accredited program.

How are Three Rivers Promise funds dispersed?2020-02-27T15:40:38-05:00

Funds are paid directly to the college, community college, or trade program. They will be sent as early as the fall semester, after the school’s dates for adding- or withdrawing-without penalty. (also known as drop/add date)

How does the Three Rivers Promise work with Michigan’s Tuition Incentive Program (TIP)?2020-02-27T15:41:00-05:00

Students who qualify (high school counselors will assist) for TIP must apply for TIP first. FAFSA is required.

How does the Three Rivers Promise work with the Michigan Education Trust?2020-02-27T15:41:52-05:00

Because the MET is a student’s education savings account, it offers flexibility in using its funds. MET monies may be used for books, equipment, supplies, fees, and certain room and board costs required for enrollment or attendance.

What happens if I don’t meet all the TRP initial application requirements?2020-02-27T15:43:35-05:00

Students who do not meet one or more of the application requirements but believe they should still be considered for the scholarship may submit an appeal.

Do TRP funds have to be paid back if the student does not finish school?2020-02-27T15:44:37-05:00

No. That portion of the credit award is considered used. The student may re-enroll and continue the scholarship if done so in the 10-year time frame.

Are the credits earned during Early Middle College (college credits earned while in high school) deducted from the four year/130 credit limit?2020-02-27T15:44:48-05:00

No. TRP will fund programs that follow high school graduation up to a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. The ten-year/130 hour or equivalent still applies.

What should I do if I have an IEP?2020-02-27T15:45:06-05:00

The application procedure applies, but if a student has an IEP, they should visit The Coordinator of Disability or Support Services at their school. A college or trade school counselor will review the IEP, recommend a set number of credits as full-time status for the student, and ensure the student is aware of all the services the school or program has to offer. TRP will honor the post-secondary
recommendation for full-time credits. The recommendation must be written by a college/trade school counselor on school letterhead and mailed or emailed to TRP. If a student has an IEP, they must identify themselves and ask for services. Colleges/trade schools may not legally ask a student.

Can a parent or mentor contact TRP to get information about a student’s account?2020-02-27T15:45:25-05:00

No, not usually. Information about an individual student may not be released to anyone other than the student. College is all about growth and learning new skills; it is important for the student to take the lead.

Who do I contact with other questions?2020-02-27T15:45:36-05:00

Use our contact form or send a letter to:

Three Rivers Promise
P.O. Box 405
Three Rivers, MI 49093

What are the Three Rivers Promise’s fund raising goals?2020-10-30T14:46:02-04:00

Our initial goal is to raise $3M in two years. Our long-term goal is an estimated $20M to fund scholarships in perpetuity. We are asking for your help through a substantial donation to kick off our campaign.

The Three Rivers Promise sets a high bar for the community and will require donations small and large to be realized. It is volunteer-driven and runs with the intention to establish an endowment, to continue raising funds, and to administer the Promise. Our goal is to fund all eligible Three Rivers High School students the full cost of tuition and mandatory fees at TRP-approved schools. Still, we will start helping students as soon as we have raised the amount needed to fund partial tuition initially, as we continue to raise the money for full funding.

What can I expect after I donate to your cause?2020-10-29T15:19:52-04:00
  1. A thank you letter and receipt!
  2. Educational materials, periodic newsletters including our Annual Report.
  3. The satisfaction of improving the lives of our youth!
Is my donation tax-deductible?2020-01-07T17:49:15-05:00

Yes, the Three Rivers Promise is an IRS-approved deduction as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

May I donate to honor or remember someone?2020-10-29T15:24:14-04:00

Yes. The option to name your donation in honor of someone is available on the donation form.

I represent a corporation. How can I help your organization?2020-10-29T15:27:45-04:00

We welcome your assistance in making your employees aware of and involved with TRP. And, for your consideration, here are some common options.

  1. Monetary donations.
  2. Payroll deduction plan.
  3. Corporation matching of employee payroll deduction.
  4. Encourage your employees to become advocates for TRP by assisting with fund-raising and community awareness.
How can I make a non-cash donation?2020-10-29T15:29:12-04:00

Please see our gift acceptance policy for details. You can also contact us if you have any questions.

How secure is your online donation form?2020-01-07T17:15:28-05:00

All online forms are encrypted and stored securely.

How is my donor information used?2020-01-07T17:14:52-05:00

Confidentiality is a top priority for the Three Rivers Promise.  All your information is protected and we will only use it with your permission (ex: Annual Reports listing donors).  You may request complete anonymity, and TRP will respect your desire to avoid recognition.  When you make your donation you will be able to choose the level of privacy you wish.  Your information is securely stored.

What percentage of my donation goes to the cause?2021-03-16T21:36:59-04:00

TRP is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, including in-kind donations of professional services. Our goal as we grow is to use donations in this way: at least ninety (90%) percent for scholarships and no more than ten percent (10%) for administrative costs and fundraising.

Why should I give to Three Rivers Promise (TRP)?2020-08-27T17:11:48-04:00

Your gift will help graduates of the Three Rivers Community Schools (TRCS) achieve their goals through funding scholarships for their post-secondary education and training. It will provide them opportunities for education and training their families may not be able to afford. And, more than that, your gift will enrich the Three Rivers area in becoming a more vibrant and nurturing community, attracting and retaining families and businesses.

What happens to the funds if the State of Michigan or the US Government provides free tuition or the Three Rivers Promise is unable to become endowed and dissolves?2021-10-27T15:20:19-04:00

In the future, if the Three Rivers Promise is no longer needed or is unable to create an endowment that would provide scholarships in perpetuity to the graduates of the Three Rivers Community School District, according to our bylaws, the funds collected to that point will be distributed as tuition scholarships to TRHS graduates until all funds are depleted.

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